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This template exists to help track useful redirects from foreign-language terms. It is not a license to create redirects for arbitrary terms in any language; generally, foreign-language redirects are considered appropriate only when there is a strong connection between the language and the topic. For example, "Wien" to "Vienna" makes sense since German is the official language of Austria, but "維也納", "ویانا", or "Виена" do not as there is no real connection between the city and Western Panjabi, Chinese, or Macedonian.


Use this Rcat template in any namespace.
#REDIRECT [[(Target page name)]] {{R from alternative language}}
Example Suisse:
#REDIRECT [[Switzerland]] {{R from alternative language|fr}}
Example The Miserable Ones:
#REDIRECT [[Les Misérables]] {{R from alternative language|to=fr}}
  • These parameters can be combined. The redirect will go into two categories.
Example Annales des empereurs du japon:
#REDIRECT Nihon Ōdai Ichiran {{R from alternative language|fr|to=ja}}
  • Use this Rcat on all redirects from a name in one language to a name in another language.
  • When the redirect and its target differ only in use of diacritics, consider {{R from diacritics}} or {{R to diacritics}}.


  • Click here for a list of templates that redirect here and that may also be used.

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