North Coast Laboratories Ltd.

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North Coast Laboratories Ltd.
Type Corporation
Industry Cannabis industry
Genre Cannabis testing
Headquarters 5680 West End Road, Arcata, California, U.S.
Number of locations 1
Area served California
Key people Jesse Chaney
Services Cannabis testing
Subsidiaries Humboldt Quality Assurance Laboratory

North Coast Laboratories Ltd.—also doing business as Humboldt Quality Assurance Laboratory (HQAL)—performs agricultural and environmental analysis services, from drinking water and wastewater analysis to heavy metals, hazardous waste, and agrochemical analysis.[1] The company also performs chemical Cannabis laboratory testing under its subsidiary HQAL.[2]


The company was formally founded in California in April 1980.[3] North Coast created its subsidiary HQAL in 2016 to facilitate Cannabis testing.[2]


The following laboratory locations are known. Services may vary among locations:


The company doesn't make its cannabis testing pricing public.

Additional information


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