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Pages on CannaQAwiki are organized into namespaces. Namespaces are a mechanism for grouping/separating wiki pages, differentiating between the purpose of the pages at a high level. Pages in certain namespaces can have special properties or behave differently when they interact with other pages. Namespaces are indicated in page titles by prefixing the page name with "namespace:", so the prefix "Help:" in this page's title ("Help:Namespaces") indicates that this page is in the Help namespace. A page whose name is not prefixed by a namespace lies in the mainspace.

Please note that namespace prefixes always end with a colon.

Organizing Your Content

CannaQAwiki is organized into different namespaces to accommodate different needs:

The mainspace of the wiki is primarily used to present organized information about cannabis, hemp, and the business associated with them. Authorized users are encouraged to add to or edit any page in the main space, though verifiability and neutrality must be maintained.
  • No prefix
The CannaQAWiki namespace is used solely for providing policy and guidance as it directly relates to the wiki. Examples include the site's citation guidelines and vandalism policy.
  • Prefix: CannaQAWiki:
The help space is provided for documentation, support guides, technical manuals, and other similar content. This page is an example of documentation appearing in the "namespace:" namespace. The training material found at Help:MediaWiki basics is another strong example of how this namespace is used.
  • Prefix: Help:
The user space is typically auto-generated with a red link when a new user is created in the system. The user page doesn't exist until a user chooses to edit their user page and save the changes. Of particular use on a user page is the creation of a "sandbox," a place a user can practice using wiki code without interfering with the system. To create, simply add [[/sandbox|My sandbox]] to the user page.
  • Prefix: User:
The template space is a special administrative namespace for creating pages that appear embedded in other pages. Templates contain repetitive material that might need to show up on any number of articles or pages. The most common method of inclusion is called transclusion, where the wikitext of the target page contains a reference to the template using the {{Template name}} syntax.
  • Prefix: Template:

In addition, CannaQAWiki includes a few other semi-reserved namespaces such as RefWorks: for lists, tables, and guides.

Adding a page to CannaQAwiki

Please consult the LIMSwiki-hosted help documentation for more about adding pages to the wiki and specific namespaces.